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From Mom to Glamourmom

A blog by Line Rothman


A Cherry!
(Posted 11/25/09 by Line Rothman )


My fourth grade daughter was sitting in the back of the car reading a “friends book” and the themes were “what colors are your friends” and what “fruit or vegetable is your best friend?” All of a sudden she looked up and said “Mommy you are a cherry because you are always on top of things!” My immediate response was “really, thank you I am so happy to hear that!” and I was actually truly happy in some way because I sometimes feel the opposite.

With a busy schedule things can easily slip through the cracks and a feeling of guilt can become forever bothersome, like a little tweak in the eye throughout the day or night, when I forget to remind my young preschooler about his “show and tell” that day or never getting around to letting one of my hard working employees know that they are doing a fantastic job working late so many days in a row. Observing the business that started when I was breastfeeding the same fourth grader that pronounced me to be a cherry in the back of the car, my daughter has always seen me with an endless To Do list of what to remember. She has always had a mother who wanted to do more all of the time, multitasking without skipping many beats. A mother who wanted to be there for her kids, but also very motivated by a vision and an idea of a business. I am secretly asking myself in my head “is a cherry also controlling, would it be better to be cool like a cucumber?”…..maybe, I don’t know, but what I have learned is that when building a business while raising a family, you need to stay on top of things the best you can so no one suffers. I chose to be a mother and a business owner and so I strive always to utilize my time efficiently as best as I can to maintain a healthy balance.

By writing down daily schedules from swim classes to school assignments, lunch schedules, pediatricians and dentist appointments, play dates, grocery shopping and fieldtrips..(does it ever end? result is hopefully a better functioning family. By writing down deadlines at work and keeping a calendar to organize the day, I am able to manage the staff so we can reach our goals together in a more productive and stress free environment. By doing both, I ultimately save time - which means more time to myself and my family and hey…. a cherry is also sweeter than a cucumber, right?!



(Posted 10/27/09 by Line Rothman )


The other day a friend of mine with grown teenage children said “you spent years asking your kids to please sit down while having dinner and then all of a sudden one day..they just sit.” As a mother you learn that some of the things you are teaching your child over and over again might one day happen. You are struggling as a breastfeeding mother to have your baby latch on to the breast, guiding the rooting mouth searching for food, being patient with your cracked and sore nipples in pain, trying and trying until it finally happens; or you are helping your first grader learn how to put all the letters together correctly to form the words and then sentences and then read…like a code that just at the right moment clicks and a world opens full of new possibilities.


I feel that this patience, persistence and unyielding faith that it will happen at the right time is also critical when building a business. Like blocks you build by doing and keep doing while believing that what you are aiming for will happen when the time is right! What I have learned from being a mother and a business owner is that you don’t always know how long it will take to reach your goal, that every project has its own time depending on many factors, but if you keep at it, time might pull it all together like a puzzle, a new stepping stone to the next challenge and level of development. The puzzle may reflect practical sequences like your child can not run before he walks or you can’t sell a product before you have production and material to promote. There are things you only have some control over, for instance, when will the economy allow customers to purchase more or when have you learned enough to realize the breastfeeding act or the new marketing strategy is actually working.


One thing I have experienced in both professional and personal matters is that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going. The most rewarding feeling is to watch your child trying to manage riding the bike, after many times of wobbling on the seat maintaining balance - running after her scared of every little fall and pretending that everything is going sooo fine and then one day she rushes by me perfectly balanced with her long ponytail flying out underneath the helmet. I find it similar to having an idea of a product and then going through the process of making it just how you have visioned it down to the last detail, and then hearing the positive energy from a very happy mom that just purchased it from a local store or from this website. Being a mother and a business owner is about enjoying the ride, aiming for goals, being present, listening, not giving up, being there and again doing the best you can, knowing that your hard work will show through just at the right time!

Line Rothman

Dear all you Glamourmoms
(Posted 10/7/09 by Line Rothman)

I would like to welcome you to, the first website to introduce the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank to the market, sharing my invention and idea to all new moms worldwide in the big open cyber space for the first time nine years ago. It was the start of my “glamourmom” journey that has taught me more than I have ever imagined. It was also the beginning of another adventure for me, motherhood, which has taught me even more. Many moms over the years have contacted me asking “how do you run a business with a growing family?” or “how did you make an idea into a business?” or “how do you have enough hours in the day?”

In this blog I would like to share stories from my life as the mom of three healthy and active children and a full-time job at Glamourmom. When I look at my calendar and prepare for the week on a Sunday evening, I know already that it will be a challenge. I know that my mind will be overloaded with data remembering school projects, gym clothes, library books, playdates, birthday parties and important business meetings, emails and deadlines at work; but when it all seems a little too hectic, I do one thing just for myself every day (almost every day)…a short break to read a glossy magazine, a phone call to a dear friend or I squeeze in a yoga class. When there is no time, I try and make the time…sprinkle a little glamour on the over spilling cocktail of my life and it will keep me going!

So do one good thing just for yourself today, be a Glamourmom and come back again and follow my blog “From Mom to Glamourmom!”

All my best,

Line Rothman

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